Radical Hysterectomy tomorrow thanks and a rant!

Hi everyone, 

I really want to echo what Sylvia said the other day - thank you to all who have posted so positively and helped me prepare for tomorrow. 

I've had quite a difficult journey recently and hence not posted too much, I found my consultant to be grumpy and bossy when she told me that the RH was needed, overdoing the negatives and yet expecting me to just tag along. I was too upset to ask any coherent questions. I put her manner down to the stress of a late running clinic but she had really scared me about the R Hysterectomy without me understanding why it was needed when the cancer was so small. In the end I postponed the surgery as she was on holiday and I could not see her to discuss. I had also developed a horrid cough and I see now that it was stress related with the surgery looming. I saw her last week and she seemed cross, again not asking how I was and almost mocking me I felt. I did get my questions answered as I had written them down. Phew but it knocked me sidways. She gave me two surgery dates and I said I would let her know the next day which took all my courage, she tried to pin me down there and then. 

Ironically I teach about informed decision making as part of my job as an antenatal teacher! Glad I can rant here as I don't want to carry it around with me tomorrow.

In the end I decided to go in tomorrow and get it all over and done with. It means a consultant who I have not met as mine is on holiday for three weeks. The nurse says he is gorgeous and that he has tried phoning me to introduce himself which is really kind. So I'm in first thing! Bit nervous on and off. Will fill you all in afterwards - love and best wishes to you all,


Hi Moonfish,

Good luck for tomorrow x x

Big hugs for tomorrow Hun, will be thinking of you. Let me know how you are whenever you can.

lots of love


Best of luck tomorrow. To be honest it sounds like you are better off with a different consultant doing your surgery. Xxx

Be lucky Mitch :-)



Oh no how horrible that you've feel like you've been - I am assuming from what you have put - that you've almost been bullied into this and not had support from the people who should be guiding you and not scaring the life out of you! I can honestly say that since I've been diagnosed I have had such wonderful staff at all times - proberbly cus I always look like a misrable bitch haha! I've decided that if my cancer can be taken away I will be electing for a full removal everything! I'm going through the menopause cus of the chemo (I have advanced cancer) and at 28 it's a massive thing to decide but I've never wanted kids and I never will now but I know that all the pain would be worth watching my nieces grow up.


I hope all has gone/is going well for you x

Moonfish, I've only just seen this as I've been having issues with my log in. Hope all went well for you, and that you are recovering well xx

Thanks folks! I didn't log in for a while. 5 hour surgery (i didn't expect that!) bit tricky as uterus was attached to bladder but I really feel as if the surgeons were doing such a careful job, no doubt it was all your good vibes helping them along :-)