Radical Hysterectomy- hints and tips (children mentioned)

Hi All,


Have been lurking for a while now and thought it was time to post.

I was diagnosed on 13th Jan with CC and on 21st Jan told it was stage 1b1.  I am booked in for a Radical hysterectomy, with ovaries removed on 9th Feb and was just wondering if anyone who has been through it could give me some hints and tips of what to expect and what i can do before and after surgery to minimise the risk of complications, if there is anything i should take in with me and just the general insider information.  

Whilst i have been telling people about my diagnosis, I have been carrying on as normal, I have 2 young children and work full time so with the school runs and work I have not had much time to think about things.  My husband and I have said we are not thinking about the future or the kids, we are just taking each step at a time.  Hoping i am dealing with it and not in denial or anything but how do you know?

Would love to hear from others in this situation. 

Thank you

Hi joDe...I had a radical in August and I was so scared beforehand as I had never had surgery before. The operation went really well and I had no pain after, only a little discomfort! The hardest part was that I was 19 weeks pregnant and I knew we would be loosing our little boy! Take plenty of trashy mags to read, as I found I couldn't concentrate on a book. Take mints and chewing gum as these help with wind pain and constipation after. Walk, walk, walk when able in hospital and when you get home, short distances but regularly...this really helps get your strength back. Even get a cheap exercise ball and sit on it for short periods when home, as this helps build up your core muscles. Take your pain meds on time, even if you are not in pain as it is easier to keep on top of pain rather than trying to get rid of it once you are in agony! Good luck for the opportunity Hon, get ready to kick cancer's arse! Xxx

Hi JoDe

I worked right up until the day before my op as I wanted to keep my mind occupied as much as poss so I totally agree with keeping as busy as poss.  I agree with the trashy mags, I took my kindle but the mags were easier to read.  Peppermint tea bags, I drank loads of it in the days after the op and it really helped with the trapped wind which can be very painful.  Big pants in the next size up as my tummy was very swollen - I had a vertical incision.  Nighties - I'm usually a PJ's girl but nighties are easier with this. Also loose jogging bottoms to come home in and I put an old cushion over my tummy when in the car so the seat belt didn't press in too much.

The op went far better than I thought it would and I was up and moving about the next day.  When you get home no bending or lifting, let people wait on you!  Little walks building up a bit more each time.  I started taking lots of vitamins and supplements including a green tea one which is supposed to have anti cancer properties.

Good luck with your op and keep us posted.  Please don't hesitate to PM or ask any questions if you want to know anything.



Hi JoDe,

Great advice here from Helen and Cheryl, I don't have anything useful to add really. If you are coping well it's probably because you are coping well and not in denial, but you might find you have a stumble later on down the line. Don't worry about that at all, it's perfectly normal and we are all here for you if that should happen. Personally I am more of a book than a mag person, and I would have been happier had I shaved my legs, so if you fancy a bit of a pamper before hospital, go and do it!

Be lucky


Hi Guys,

Helsweld, I am so sorry for your loss, I know I am very lucky with my family.

Thank you all so much for your comments, feeling more empowered now I know what to expect.

I have been to the shops and am armed with peppermint tea, Magazines and Big Knickers.  All ready for the 9th and kicking cancers butt!

I think I didn't have enough faith in myself, I thought with a diagnosis of cancer I would fall apart.  Guess I suprised myself, I thjink if I can deal with this I can deal with anything.

Thank you

Hi hon,

sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but your attitude is great! Lots of great advice already, I'll add what I can. I found that lip balm is essential to have by your bed, and I needed lockets for my throat as it was raw (tube!?). I had my phone with a silly game that required no concentration, and I had Miranda hart on audible on there! You do need nighties, look for longer ones if you can as you will find you need to sit out in your chair and you prob won't have knickers on! Big knickers, Cheryl's advice is great, go larger than normal. Debenhams are the best I've found. Loose trousers for coming home, and for wearing for a while afterwards. Again if you can manage to get a new pair, go up a size. You'll need your own toiletries.

When I got home from hospital I slept on the sofa bed in the lounge on a memory foam topper, with a v shaped pillow behind and a large cushion under my thighs. I found all this to be invaluable, especially the pillow as I had to sleep on my back.

its been said before, but don't presume that they will give you all the pain medication you need. The nurses aren't mind readers! dont try to be brave about it; you will recover better if you are in less pain, especially if it is stopping you from sleeping properly. 

Pm me if you want to ask anything, sending a big hug,

Molly xxx