Radical Hysterectomy booked for Mon....any advice on recovery?


I am having a radical hysterectomy on Monday (5 days time) and also having the lymph nodes in my pelvis removed as well. I have stage 1b1 cervical cancer and from the CT scan and MRI the consultant has said it is contained in my cervix.


I was wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the recovery? I know they say 6 weeks for recovery but I have two little ones and although I know I wont be able to pick them up and run around after them I was wondering how long people were before they felt a little better. My hubby is struggling to take time off work and both the little ones are pre school age.

Thanks for reading xxxxx


I had the rad hyst in March for 1B1. It’s a pretty big operation. Are you having it done through key hole surgery or an abdominal incision? Mine was abdominal so I can give you advice on that type of op.

I was in hospital for 6 days, then my partner stayed home for 2 more days. After that he left me with a packed lunch and I stayed upstairs on one floor of the house. I was really limited, but I’ve had an especially slow recovery and had open surgery which makes a difference to the healing. I’m at 12 weeks now but still can’t walk far. I can bend and lift light things much better now and swimming has really helped the healing. I’ve just started driving too. I am super slow compared to the guidelines though, most people drive around 6 weeks!


Hi there, I had my RH this time last year, mine was abdominal incision.  I also have 2 children, 1 was at school and the other pre school age, my husband took the week off after the surgery. Do your children go to nursery, because i got the nursery involved and they took my youngest for extra hours which realy helped. I found after week 2 getting them ready for school in the morning was exhusting and that was me done for the day. I was driving by week 6 and back to my new normal. Have you got some family and friends close by because you might need their help. I didn't find the pain of the op too bad, just make sure you're topped up with the right medication and you should be ok. Good luck for next week and take care of your self and this time next week you will have got the op all behind you and you can start to move and look forward.



I had a hysterectomy at beginning of may (removed cervix, ovaries/falliopan tubes, womb- not sure if the lymp nodes were removed but discharge letter said pelvis as well).  I opted for Keyhole Surgery with a vaginal discharge but did sign on the consent form that it could be converted to Abdominal if needed. My consultant said this was slightly longer operation, they made 4- small incisions and snip the organs to be removed and they are either pulled through 1 larger incision or pulled through vagina (but I didn't need a vagina pack). I opted for this as I was having the cervix removed (whatever was left) so they were going to do the vagina cuff anyway. I was in pain for the first 2-days and managed at home with strong ibruopen & parcetamol (sorry about spelling). The main issue at home was fatigue but this does pass if you rest properly (I had to push myself to rest as I am a fairly independent person and don't like asking for help).

I wanted to say that I felt keyhole surgery was right option for me as the recovery time is quicker and this was important for me as a single parent of 3 kids and limited family support (thank goodness my friends stepped up).  I found I was in hospital for 3 days, after 10-days I felt pretty much back to normal,  and I needed to keep reminding myself not to overdo it as my stitches had not dissolved.  The only main difference longer-term I have noticed is I get breathless very quickly (I wasn't fit before but get short-of-breathe easily now).

I would advise you to have a Baking Day and fill your freezer as much as possible so that your not under pressure to 'think' what to cook. I moved all my essential clothes out of drawers and on top- so that I could reduce bending. I lived in my pyjamas' and pottering around the house was the most exercise I did in the first 2 weeks.  After 10-days I felt abit of a fraund as I had heard it takes 6-weeks to recovery but Keyhole Surgery is quicker.

Good Luck & Hope all Goes Well




Thank you so so much for your comments you've made me feel so much better and some fab advice! thank you Smile Im having an abdominal incision through my two caesarean scars so not having another scar is something to be grateful for.

I like the packed lunch idea Jo1982 what a fab idea! Pleased to hear you're feeling better now I think everyone is so so different with recovery but I bet you're pleased to be driving again!


Thank you Julie its so good to hear you're back to your normal self some people keep telling me it will take me months and Im known as a hurricane so sitting still is not my strong point! lol! Hubby the week after my op now which is a huge relief which will be my first week home after hospital.


Thanks for the advice confused it certainly sounds like you did really well recovering. I was hoping for keyhole but Ive already had two sections not that long ago. Im going to get cooking over the weekend it will keep my busy and distracted and I hadnt given it a thought about moving clothes (that will be tonights job now)

Thank you so so much for your replies everyone and hope you are all in good health now. Although Im nervous for the surgery Im also really looking forward to putting this nightmare behind me and get on with my life again.

Thank you again and take care xxxxxxx



Just bear in mind that while the surface stuff heals in the 6 weeks, the deep healing takes longer as you are having a fair bit of tissue removed. It has taken me a few months to rebuild my stamina and I still have to pace myself as I do know about it if I overdo things.

It may also take you a little while to get your head around things, so don't feel bad if it takes you a bit longer to recover than you hope.

Good luck x