radical hysterectomy and more. help needed

hi all I hope you can help I've been reading posts for months but never actually joined I've got to a point now where I need advice help and information from ladies who have been through the same or similar please.

In July I was diagnosed with one B1 cervical cancer the rare non keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma tumour that was removed was 28 mm by 11 mm and invasion alarent but further tissue couldn't be reached. I  was then sent for MRI and ct and waited for another appointment with gyne o oncologist.  I met my new consultant on the 12th of September who advised that there was a further approximate 3 cm tumour in my cervix still remaining but didn't appear to have spread to any nearby organs but my lymph nodes appeared to be enlarged but didn't appear to be cancerous but they wanted to do a radical hysterectomy bilateral pelvic lymph node removal bilateral ovaries removed and was booked for the 18th of September. After surgery the doctor told me that he has removed everything that he wanted to including quite a large amount of tissue from either side that he went as close to my bowel and bladder as he possibly could but I needed to be catheterised for a week in order to heal the catheter was removed a week later and I've been healing well I saw the doctor again on Wednesday the 10th of October about my results from my operation I was advised that the lymph nodes and come back clear and no sign of cancer which was fantastic news and then on the other hand said that front to back where the tumour was when the measurements were done it was only millimetres away from both bowel and bladder so therefore wanted to do a mop up course of radiotherapy this is where I'm at now waiting to meet the new one oncologist for  planning radiotherapy on the 19th of October radiotherapy I had more fear than chemotherapy to me I've been through radiotherapy with my mum and seen other people do it as well I'm terrified of the side effects after radiotherapy as far as my sex life goes with my wife it's a very big part of my relationship and after 11 years I don't want to lose it only 37 because of damage scar tissue or shrinkage due to radiotherapy can anybody please tell me that's had pelvic radiotherapy internally or externally exactly what sort of side effects you had short term and long term and if it did affect or change the connection between you as a couple I'm really considering not having it done because I feel like have nothing left and what tiny but I do they want to destroy with radiotherapy I hope some of you ladies can give me some advice x x x

Hi Netty so sorry no one has responded to your post as you really could do with advice from someone who is in your position. I came across your post by accident so you may want to post in the treatment section of this forum so some of our lovely ladies can help. Take care you are doing great x