Radiation therapy after hysterectomy

It’s been a while but I had a simple hysterectomy on 3/6, tubes removed, ovaries kept. The pathology report came back showing that within the adecarcinoma in situ in the cervix was actually stage 1a1. As a preventative measure they would like me to meet with the radiologist oncologist to discuss treatment options to make sure all micro cells are gone. I am being told I shouldn’t need Chemo just radiation. Has anyone else had this done or recommended?

Ha ha! Yes! Me!

I had the full radical - womb, tubes, ovaries, cervix and half my vagina removed and then it was decided 'just to be sure' I should have radiotherapy to follow. And then just to be extra sure I would have the chemothreapy alongside the radiotherapy plus a couple of goes at brachytherapy too for dessert.

You will be pleased to hear that the treatments are not too hard to cope with and that here I am five years later brimming with good health and laughing about it all :-)

Be lucky :-)


How interesting. I'm a 1a1 girl myself and my doctor was happy to do the simple hysterectomy and call it a day. I had a tiny microinvasive cancer that was removed with a cone biopsy and then the pathology after my hysterectomy revealed a further tumor hidden in the cervix. As it was still a 1a1 (2mm x 6mm) they decided not to do any further treatment. If it had been bigger, it would have bumped into the next category and further treatment would have been done - presumably radiation and/or chemo.

I guess your docs are being super cautious, although I thought mine was being uber cautious when she went with the hysterectomy, and thank God she did. 

I haven't seen any 1a1 girls on here that have had chemo and or radiation, even we adenocarcinoma girls. Tiv had everything done because I think she was diagnosed later stage than us, although I think some of her treatment was later found to have not been necessary. I seem to remember a mistranslated doctor's report that she found years after the event. 

Tiv - how was your 5 year check and how's your man?( Sorry to hijack a thread, but wanted to be sure your frogness was fine and that mr. Tiv was still doing well.)