Rad op tomorrow


feeling slightly nervous tonight.  Having already had my lymph nodes removed last week I really liked the I don't know what's coming next sadly I know what's coming next!

ive got back on my feet so quickly from last weeks op I feel like this is a huge step backwards yet should be a really positive outcome (fingers crossed). I know I'm being silly but the fear of not making it through this op is so on my mind.  

Its just another step to rid Me of this thing and through hope n trust - loved that post - I will give you an update on things in a couple of days.

love to you all 

Karen x

Good luck for tomorrow you will be ok. Let me know how it goes ..lea xx

Hi Karen

Don't know if you will see this before your op but just wising you lots of luck and sending you loads of hugs.  It will soon be over now and you will be on the road to recovery.  I remember thinking after my rad hyst that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - and I had it done all in one go with ovaries removed too.  I also had a fibroid on my womb and a 10cm cyst on my left ovary!

You have already proved how well you can cope with this so just try and stay as positive as possible and keep repeating those words hope and trust.  My word at the time was 'courage' - I kept repeating it and it really helped.

Thinking of you.

Cheryl, xx

Just to wish you all the best, speedy recovery God-willing. I'm 8 wks post op, & am feeling good , hoping the same for you xxx

Hi Karen . best of luck for your op. Try to think of something nice as they put you to sleep (I thought about a lovely day out on the beach I had had with my family) and you wake up thinking that. You can get through this and the operation is going to mean that you can get on with the rest of your life. I'm sending you a big hug. ((((*)))). Let us know how you get on. Karen

Hi Karen

I had red hyst op just over three weeks ago and I am now able to get up and about more and more as the days go by.

Understandable that you will be nervous as it's a big op but I am optimistic that you will come through it.

By the time you read this you will be a few days post op - no doubt sore and bruised but you will have come through it.

Sending you lots of good vibes and a big hug

Sunflower lady xxxx



Hope you are beginning to feel more human now. I'm 3 weeks post op and getting stronger every day. However hard it may be to believe right now you WILL feel better than you probably do now! Be selfish and do what you need to do and don't do what you don't need to do!