Rad Hyst Pathology Results - good news

Hi there,


i saw my consultant today who told me tumour was removed with clear margins! I'm also downgraded to 1B1 rather than 2A so no further treatment needed!! Woohoo!


One lymph node did have a micro super tiny cancerous cell in it but the consultant was happy that it was removed and those around it were clear so said I shouldn't worry. I'm a bit concerned but she said it was such a tiny amount it was all removed.

Now to relax and take it all in!



Great news Jo, you must be thrilled. Enjoy celebrating!

Love Louise xx


Aww Jo - amazing news for you - I am so pleased for you and hope you continue to go from strength to strength!

Well done you and congratulations!



Thank you ladies :slight_smile:

Andrea I have everything crossed for you with your results too, you’re an inspiration.

Not sure having cancer properly sunk in, never mind it being gone (probably!). Going to take a day of quiet reflection tomorrow I reckon.


Thanks Jo - D Day is tomorrow and am a nervous wreck.  Trying to work (from home) today but even that isn't helping me today.  Just hope I get some clear indication that I too am in the clear



Oh bless you, I was in a complete pickle last night too. Not sure how I even got to sleep. I hope your appointment is early and full of good news xx

Fab news

So pleased for you


Great news. Each victory for one of us feels like a victory for us all.


Hi jo1982, am new here and was passing by… I am pleased for you,1-0 to you xxxx I hope you can get back to smiling again.  take care xxx


HURRAH!! SO pleased for you, this is the best possible outcome, what a relief. Like you say, it will take time to sink in and that might not happen properly for some time. I was in the same situation as you - diagnosis of cervical cancer and radical hysterectomy very quickly afterwards - it's a whirlwind and you have to deal with all sorts of things at the time, including the practical stuff of life. By the time I got my histology results, having cancer hadn't sunk in, let alone not having cancer anymore! Having decided that I had a thorough dislike of hospitals, I am aware that at that appointment, my relief was more about not having to have another operation or any other kind of treatment, rather than not having cancer anymore. The nature of its massiveness and the speed with which everything happens doesn't tally well in terms of allowing your mind to accept what's gone on. You might find it starts to sink in gradually, or it might suddenly hit you, which is what happened with me - hit me like a train around new year - but everyone's different. Some people will expect you to be full of the joys of Spring now you've got such good news. If you do feel like this, then that's great, but remember that's it ok if you don't feel like that. Sometimes it's only once we're safe again that all the saved up emotion can come out. 

Once again, so pleased and relieved for you and sending you a big hug. :-)

Love, Annabel. x


Woop woop !!!!fan-flipping -tastic news Hun ..... Over the moon for you 

hugs, hugs & more hugs x x

At the moment I am felling elated and want to just to snap back in to normality, my physical limitations from the hysterectomy are preventing this though. No dancing until dawn just yet. Had some champagne with my partner yesterday which was lovely and decedent. Rather tipsy after not drinking for ages!

I keep crying when I say thank you to people for helping me, in a good way. I expect many more moments to crop up! I'd not put anything on Facebook about what was happening until yesterday so I'm feelinI quite overwhelmed with all the lovely messages of support I'm getting. Lots of people say I've been brave, but I feel I've been lucky and just gone through it as best I can.

having a peaceful day of reflection today before my family invade for a few days.

I hope everyone else gets good news very soon too. Xxx

Congratulations Jo, that's so good to hear.

Hope the rest of your recovery goes well. Don't overdo things! xxx