Rad/chemo therapy

Afternoon ladies
I’m just waiting for the phone call to go in to start my radio/chemo treatment after being diagnosed stage 2b with lymph node involvement, I’m just wondering about work, an I have asked my boss to find me a job that if I feel up to it I can come in an do but not time constricted in case I don’t feel up to it, I’m wondering if anyone else tried to work or did work or just needed time off, it’s the only thing I feel in control of at the moment.
Thanks in advance

Hi Dawn

i took 4 months off for treatment and recovery time,although still recovering now 6 months post treatment. There was no way I could still work as there was so much travelling and the tiredness really hits hard. I am sure there will be some ladies who worked through it,I take my hat off to them.

tracey x

I am in my 3rd month  off i had  to start  sick  leave  early  as  i have  bilateral  nephrostomy  ( 2 external kidney drains) if i dint i cudnt  of worked threw  treatment  as previous  post had  traveling  n it all zapped the life out of  me u wud  suggest  u take  each  day as it comes  n see how u feel  everyone  feels different xxx 

Hi Dawn,

I worked through out my whole treatment except my chemo day and took 9 days off for brachy but went back straight after. I asked the same question before i started treatment and nobody said yes so I was preparing myself for the worst but I did it and it wasnt  at all for me. I love my job and my company are amazing i had the option to take paid leave but chose not to unless I had to which I didn't. with the treatment I had very little side effects I had no tiredness very little sickness and very little diarahoe. I don't know what you do for a living my job involves a lot of driving and it still didn't cause me to be overly tired. Everyone is different though I changed a lot before I started treatment which helped me. If you want any more info pm me :-)

Thank you ladies, ur feedback is very much appreciated, I will be having treatment in Sheffield an have about 30 minute drive there an back, I am a branch manager for a financial company so not the most strenuous of jobs and although I'm based in York I could get to branch or head office closer to home an treatment, I can't imagine just sitting at home as it will send me bananas I love my work an the company I work for.

Dawn x

Hi Dawn 

i was off on Mat leave when I went through treatment. I treated my treatment as a job. Got baby dressed, dropped him off, travelled 45(when no traffic) had treatment and home, pucked up baby cooked supper took dog out etc. So I stayed very busy. I wasn't to tired but suffered with diarrhea but once I figured out right way to manage that I was ok. 

take it day by day. If you can work and it helps you stay mentally better then do so! Don't let anyone say you can or can't. Listen to your body. Only you know what you can handle. 

Good luck


I would've loved to have worked as I was so bored through my treatment but due to my job, I couldn't .

I'd say go for it. Maybe just do a few days so that you can have a bit of 'you' time

I'd recommend taking up a creative hobby. It's something you can pick up and put down whenever it suits YOU (nobody else). You can take it with you to appointments so waiting around becomes less of a chore. You end up with something beautiful you can have framed and put on a wall or something practical you can wear and when people ask you where you got it you can proudly say "I made that during my cancer treatment" :-)

Be lucky :-)