Race for life anyone???? / our own jos race in november??

Hi guys,
i was thinking of going in the local for the race for life this year at southampton common, but just been on the site and its now closed :frowning:

i had no intention of running, just walking, as too unfit, :oops:

but as its alreday closed, i was thinking maybe it would be a great idea to do next years in london, so hopefully alot of us can get together and do it, we can walk round have a natter too…hey cant chin wag if running :wink: :lol:

im thinking we could all send off some money to get a jos t-shirt to wear with pride while doing our training before the big day :wink: some power walking up to tescos ah :wink: :lol: :lol:

there is a race still open in regents park for this 21st july, but thought maybe its too near to try and organize and get plenty of sponsors, so if some of you are up for it , we can do it next year? in london?

let us know what you think

with love to you all

fi.xxx :smiley:

Have you been on the cooking sherry again Fi?? Only kidding mate im proud of your for suggesting this, i was going to do it with my mates this year but im not sure you can raise money for your own charity…

Because i only want to raise money for Jos(god thats sounds so selfish doesnt it) I declined, and am thinking of other ways to try to raise funds for Jos… There always seems to be something getting in the way though.

Good luck though and i will sponsor you no problem,get those trainers out of the cupboard and get jogging well walking,i will be with you every step of the way :lol: :lol:

Take care love kaz xx :wink:

hi guys me again,
just psoke to kaz online and me the daft bat, didnt realise you couldnt give /share the money raised to another charity, and yes we all can agree the offical race for c,research is a very worth while cause…


so is any of you going to the leets meet in november in london?? if so and are staying the weekend, who would be up for doing our own race/walk the day after the meet ( on the saturday) ??

anyone up for it???


ps sorry for messing about, i should engage my brain first before speaking ah! :oops:

Well im not 100% sure Fi,but im pretty sure the funds all got to cancer research… Im up for doing our own walk for life in november I know we can get sponsor forms from Pamela, and we can all get a Jos tshirt ive got one Pamela Kindly gave me but its an extra large could wear it as dress if the weathers hot ha ha, SO BRING IT ON!!! Ive been watching to much big brother sorry!!!

speak later love kaz xx :wink:

I would defo have to walk :? good idea, but I can’t do the London Lets Meet this year :cry: I have no more hols left at work to book used them all up.Next year sounds good, plenty of time to train, yeh like umm, but it would be for a great cause thats what we could focus on, would be proud to wear the Jo’s t shirt too.

dont know about the cooking sherry Fi maybe rum and cokes eh? :lol:

Take care chick
xxx :wink:

I think our own JOS walk/run would be a fab idea…

I wonder about having an organised north/south one… Say Leeds and London and or anywhere else… What about on Jos anniversary or something like that. Great way of getting everyone together, raising money AND raising awareness…

I am happy to organise Leeds event, is anyone else interested and I will get the ball rolling.

Pam, when is Jos anniversary???


HI Elaine i would be up for leeds one defo!! maybe we could all do one the same day in different areas if we cant all get together!!

Nice to hear from you speak soon love kaz xx :wink:

Leeds isn’t far for me either so I’d be up for it…

Am thinking about doing the Cancer Research 10k in September so will be well practiced!



Hi all

I have just done the Huddersfield race for life & it was sooooo much fun …I didnt run much of it but it didnt matter.

Would be up for a Leeds Jo’s event although just found out I am preggers so would have to see when it was etc.

Think it would be a lovely idea & would raise awareness at the same time.

Alternatively we could try to get a local runners club interested who already have their own races & they would use one of them to raise funds for Jo’s ?? ie. I know Pudsey Pacers do some 10K races throughout the year etc.


sounds like a good idea… I am running the race for life in 2 weeks, and then the nottingham half marathon in September… I have got my Jo’s Tshirt ready to wear.

Sounds great! Happy to organise one in Cardiff or to join either of the others,



Thanks to everyone I think we could easily organise a mass walk/run at different venues around the country…

Does everyone want to do it this year or shall we begin organising it now for say March/April next year…