Quick question re results waiting time

Hello I’m new here 

I had my smear test on Wednesday the nurse said there’s a delay in getting the results back, at the moment it’s currently taking around 12 weeks to get results back.

If they find anything though would they get the results back quicker To me? 

I only ask because on my last test the results came back abnormal...I found out I was pregnant a few months later and my consultant checked them and said it was only mildly abnormal and not to worry. 

my other question isnt directly related but last year I had an ovarian cyst removed due to the size, before they removed it I had a blood test to see if it was likely to be cancerous and the results were clear, would that of only picked up ovarian cancer or any cancer? 

Sorry for they questions I wanted to ask my nurse but she was very speedy doing the test I was in and out, no chatting (not even the blue tissue to cover me or lubricant gel was used). 

Thank you XX