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So yesterday I recieved my results saying I had abnormal cells and positive for HPV and that within 2 weeks I will receive an appointment for a colposcopy.  I am not afraid to admit I didn’t sleep a wink last night and am worried silly not only about the what this could mean but also the colposc itself.

I have questions can I ask these as my appointment or will it be brisk and procedure based I don’t want to look silly but I need to ask questions 

2 weeks will feel like forever.... sorry for being a wimp but I’m in a little bit of a pickle 

Gemma (aged 41 but currently feels like a child)

Hi Gemma, 

Sorry to read you’re going through this. Rest assures you’re not alone worrying. 

I had my 2nd colposcopy yesterday and can honestly say both times the nurses and gynaecologist have been wonderful. Lots of time for questions before and after the procedure. Make a list of what you want to ask as I find it can all be a bit daunting and your mind goes blank. They talk you through everything and will tell you what they see during the examinatioN. 


Hoping it all goes well for you. 

Agreed with this, especially the writing down questions. I had my first colposcopy Wednesday which was not as bad as I thought it would be, colposcopost and the nurses were very good, talked me through everything and asked if I had any questions I wanted to ask. My mind just went blank and I said no when now I can think of plenty so defo write them down. Good luck x

Thank you Vicky and Sam. It’s hard to think coherently about what questions to ask any tips?

ive received my appointment for 20th wow they move fast 

my mind is stuck on the fact I have an infection and abnormal cells I feel manly and fighting urge to scrub myself I know it’s irrational but brain doesn’t appear to be rational right now x

Asking how long results take, could they see anything I should be worried about and what happens after you’ve received the results were my main questions. 

I only received my smear results on Monday and had the colposcopy on Thursday. Very thankful to get it all out the way with asap. 

You’re not being irrational. Being told something is abnormal with you causes Everyone worry. I went through this a few years ago with The same results so should know better but all I keep thinking is “what if they’ve missed something”. Xx

Wow they moved fast with you and despite you having your own worries thank you so much for taking time to answer me 

I promise to stop being like a child with a million questions but I do have a couple more 

1.  What is dyskaryosis?

2. Do they give you results there and then 

3. is having abnormal cells AND being  HPV positive more cause for concern than just abnormal cells?

thank you again so much I’m so glad I found this group and you, who is willing to take time to talk to me xx

I find it a good distraction :) 

i think they must of had a spare appointmen/ cancellation as definitely didn’t expect to be seen so soon and I think most people with low grade dyskaryosis have around a 6 week wait (absolute torture). 

Dyskaryosis are abnormal cells found on a smear test. Did they give you a grade?  

They will tell you what they think at the appointment and may treat you there and then if it looks high grade or they make take punch biopsies of the abnormal area (I had three taken at the last appointmen). The biopsy gives a much more in-depth look at the cells compared to the smear and colposcopy it’s self. 

I think HPV is what causes the majority of cervical cancer and if left untreated could turn to cancer. 

Hope this helps. xxxx

Wow I’m learning so much which is hopefully going to put the monsters to sleep that keep me awake

No grade given the letter said abnormal cells and tested positive for HPV so that could mean so many things 

my mum wants to come in with me should I let her or should I do it on my own?


Totally your decision. My husband came to the hospital but waited in the waiting room while I had the appointmen. X

So I’ve just returned from by colposcopy after 2 weeks of nightmares and worry

the 2 ladies were fabulous and took so much time to answer questions and explain

the procedure actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, however she didn’t see what she was expected to see and took a biopsy and is guessing cin 2 or 3

so now more waiting - 4 weeks for biopsy results wow this is a roller coaster 

sam - how did you get on?



So glad it went well for you. 

Im still on the agonising wait for the biopsy results. It will be two weeks on Thursday and They said it should take around 2-3 weeks  (I feel a day is too long to wait ;-)  

hope yours comes quickly. Xx

Just spoken to the colposcopy clinic and my results are back. The biopsies confirmed cin 1 with HPV and they are going to carry on with ”watch & wait”. Repeat smear in a year. Xx

That must be such a relief for you, I’m so happy your wait is done.  I didn’t know after a biopsy it could return as watch and wait so that’s worth me knowing too thank you 

Back on the waiting trail but I think I can deal with this wait more than I did for the wait today (I don’t know why)

Meanwhile hot water bottle for cramps (which I didn’t expect) is working wonders