Questions!! Newbie

I have had 3 repeat smears since last September and this one I have been asked to go for a colposcopy today I had doctor as I have re occurring period like pains every month seems to be the week after periods I have been 3 times about it since August but with this letter it's sent my mind into over drive thinking the worst! My doctor said that smear changes are in 3 stages and mine are in the middle what does this mean? She also has referred me for an ultrasound and mentioned fibroids... what are these? It's questions I should have asked but my head was all over the place! I have a 1 year old and every time ime im looking at him I'm crying thinking the worst :(

Hi X:


Middle range changes are probably CIN2, as changes are classified CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3. Usually, that's treated with a LEEP or some such, where a doctor removes the abnormal cells. Quick procedure and you'll find loads of stories about it on this forum. I'm not sure, but if you're really young - under 25 or so - I think some doctors will leave it and see if it goes away on its own. I'm totally not sure about that so I would check with your doc, or maybe someone will jump on and tell us.

If it was CGIN2, which are glandular changes (classified 1, 2 and 3 as above), your doctor will definitely recommend a procedure for you to sort you out.

Fibroids are really common. They're benign tumours that hang out in the womb and can cause heavy bleeding, frequent urination and back pain. If they're really causing problems they can be removed surgically, but otherwise they get managed  with painkillers etc.  They aren't dangerous. Not sure how they're caused, probably hormonal or genetic or somesuch.

When's your ultrasound?

love t x

Hiya, it's the week after Xmas (ultrasound) I have internal examination next Thursday and today I got my letter in for colposcopy to phone and arrange an appointment I really hope I done have long to wait!

im just expecting bad news as for the past few month I've had sore back, tiredness (doctor put this down to being anaemia and needing b12) I keep having period like pains to they are exactly a week after my periods and only last a week it's strange but been getting them since August. Just really scared I'm 27 and have a 1 year old I keep looking at him and crying xx