Questions after colposcopy

Hi lovely ladies,

I had my colposcopy on Wednesday and in had loads of questions I wanted to ask after but forgot half of them in there.

Colposcopy confirmed abnormal cells and awaiting appointment for LLETZ.

During the exam he never said he was taking a biopsy and I wasn't really looking at the screen. I had a couple of sideways glances and spotted a swab like thing at one point. Is this the biopsy or is it possible he didn't take one then and would wait until I had the LLETZ procedure?

As I was speaking with the doctor after I could see my file on his desk, and it had a diagram drawn on it. The more I think about it the more I'm worrying as it looked kind of like a fried egg (Like a circle with a smaller circle inside) and at the top of the "fried egg" there was a smaller circle, like intersecting the outer and inner circle. I know I'm not describing it very well but has anyone seen something like this at their examination? 

He did say there and then "I can't see any cancer" so that's quite reassuring, but can they tell from sight alone?

Even if you can shed light on only one of my questions I would be really grateful, thank you x


In my experience, although not very painful, you can normally feel when they take the biopsy and I've been asked to cough when they do so. I've also had biopsies taken in all of my colposcopies. After my most recent one I also saw a drawing similar to what you described which is a diagram of the abnormal cells on the cervix. 

For you, whether or not a biopsy was taken this time, when they do the lletz the cells removed will be tested, not only to determine what they are but also to see if all abnormal cells have been removed, so I don't think you need worry about the possible biopsy. 

It sounds like you have similar cells to me and these are pre cancerous cells which mean they aren't cancer but if left untreated for 10+ years could become cancer. After treatment 95% of people don't have these abnormal cells return, and if they do smear tests are regular enough to catch things at early stages. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Leanne :)

I don't suppose they took a biopsy in that case!

Good luck with your LLETZ results my dear, I'll be keeping an eye on your signature updates x

The picture worried me when I saw mine frown at my biopsy it did look like a fried egg like you described.

When I had my Lletz the wire was stuck and someone else had to finish it off so the drawing afterwards looked like a fried egg with a line straight down the middle.

During my biopsy I was asked to cough while they took thw two biopsys.