questions about post op

I was dignosed with adenocarcinoma of the cervix Sept last year. Surgery to remove Oct 23rd done laparascopraly. 

I saw my oncologist Nov 14th who said surgery cured me, I was cancer free and I could resume all normal activities in about two weeks. Including sex. 

So  mid January came around and my bf and I had sex. The pain I felt from first impact...oh my gawd..was so severe, I couldn't continue. Sharp pains on my ovaries, what felt like my ribs, lungs, all over my front...stomach, chest upto my neck, felt like I was being stabbed everywhere. There was a lot of blood as well.

As the minutes went buy, I was overwhemed by nausea, dizziness and cold shakes in addition to the pain. I went to the emerg. They did a physical and a scope ultrasound, which were both exceptionally painful, then said things looked normal, they didnt know what was wrong and they sent me home with tylenol 3's ..which did absolutely nothing.The pain lasted about two weeks.

They did refer me to my gynecologist who also did a physical exam and said things looked normal however what I experienced during sex was not normal at all...she confirmed, like the oncologist, that I should have been able to have sex by now. 

She is referring me back to the oncologist so he can check me out so...stuck waiting for answers...again...

The trickles of fluid still happen and whenever I even feel stimulated in any stomach gets's so strange.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? 

Obviously...I am concerned the cancer has spread and would just like to get an idea of other people's experiences and thoughts. Thanks