Questions about post-LLETZ bleeding

I had the LLETZ procedure and a fractional D&C done on April 26th. I had some very light bleeding (no pain) that day and through the night, then it stopped. I didn't have any more bleeding or even any spotting until this past Tuesday (11 days after surgery). I've now had bright red bleeding for 4 days straight. It's not enough to soak a pad, even after several hours, and I haven't seen any clots or anything. Still no pain. Also, I'm pretty sure it's not my period as my last period stopped just 2 days before my surgery. So here are my questions:

1. Is it normal for there to be such a long delay before the bleeding starts?

2. My allergies developed into bronchitis Monday so I've been coughing quite a bit as well, could that be related to the onset of the bleeding?

3. I have a follow-up appointment scheduled with my gyno on Monday and I wasn't told what to expect at that appointment. Will it include a pelvic exam and, if so, will they still be able to do the exam if I'm still bleeding?

If anyone could help, It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to provide an update for anyone else that may be going through the same or similar thing.

I saw my gyno this morning and I'm healing well from the surgery and my bleeding is not coming from the surgery site. At this point they're not sure why I'm bleeding and I have instructions to go back in for an ultrasound if it hasn't stopped on its own by Thursday. My gyno says there's a small possibility it may have something to do with my IUD but he doesn't really think so. My advice to anyone else going through the same thing is, even if you think it's normal, call your doctor anyway.

Good advice Monkey and thanks for posting an update. Good luck! x