questions about pos. hpv smear, colposcopy and bleeding


I am not entirely sure if I’m putting this in the right spot so sorry in advance and also if I give too much info I just am at my wit’s end and the internet seems to only have vague, very scary info about this?

a bit of background: I had my tubes tied two Aprils ago, full tubal ligation and it was done lapara-scopically. The procedure seemed to go really well but there was like persistent infections, bleeding that could ONLY be controlled by hormonal birth control… it eventually subsided… pap results were all good… I had two abnormal paps in my teens and I was given the hpv vaccine at 21…

I was diagnosed bipolar and they started trialling a bunch of meds… the one they landed on works great BUT I started having heavy, persistent bleeding again… the kind that only the birth control would manage… I told them I was ok taking birth control if that was what they thought would manage it while we figured things out as bleeding is a RARE but possible side effect of it?

It subsided… then they upped the dose and it started up way worse again… They began running tests because they don’t want to miss anything. They did a pelvic ultrasound and nothing was there… so they asked me to go in for my pap early and I did.

The doctor tried explaining it to me as best she could but the nutshell version is there was abnormal cell growth and it tested positive for hpv. I am supposed to be going in for a colposcopy.

I know this is pretty standard where I live that they go straight to the colposcopy anyone after 30 and I’m 31 but the bleeding has been worse, and I have been dealing with some pretty awful cramping, back pain, trouble sleeping and just general TIREDNESS which I was attributing to blood loss before… now I’m reading these can all be signs of cancer and I’m trying to find out more info if anyone’s experienced similar symptoms and had it be JUST linked to hpv before?

ANY info or other stories would be helpful… it takes a while for them to get referrals through here so the waiting is killing me and google makes it sound like its DEFINITELY cancer… I’m trying to just take a deep breath and stop goggling but my mind won’t stop!

I couldn't pass and not comment as I know what it feels like your mind going overtime please try not to think the worst if the worst was to come the worrying now would have no impact on the outcome xx good words off my gp I was having a mini breakdown thinking the worst waiting for my results .but with regards to your bleeding I had my tubes tied five years ago and ever since I have experienced the most awful periods flooded literally and got anemic from blood loss hip pain and lethargy and I think it has something to do with the heavy periods that from what I've researched a lot of women have experienced from having tubal litigation although the consultant highly defend this theory and that it can have adverse affect on menstrual cycle ,try and stay strong I hope everything turns out ok for you hopefully some more of the ladies will give you some insight too please don't google the ask a expert panel are great on here and can help answers some of your worries and concerns, also your gp to clarify any concerns wishing you all the best xx