Questioning what nurse told be at smear test appt.

Just had my latest smear test today (had cin 2 back in 2009) and the nurse said that if I had not be sexually active since last smear test I had nothing to worry about. Is this true?

Hi Aussiegirl,

I'm a little puzzled by the nurse's statement. Could she have been referring to infection by HPV rather than commenting on the likelihood of CIN recurrence? 

Thanks for replying. She could see i was panicking and asked what about. I replied that I was worried that the smear might show something as it had been 3 years since last smear. She asked are you sexually active, I said no. She said you have nothing to worry about then. I said I am not sexually active now but have been since last smear, she replied then you just will have to wait for results.

Hi aussie girl. I don't really understand what your nurse was talking about to be honest and you still need regular smears and changes can happen regardless if you're having sex or not and also if it was contacting hpv that she was talking about you could have very well had that in 2009 and it has remained dormant and may not cause any problems until years later or never cause problems ... I'm not saying you have it by the way or if you do it would cause problems .. It's quite unlikely that it would ever cause anything major but my point is once a person is sexually active it can be there and may not cause any harm in anyone for many years later if at all so her asking if u have been sexually active since your last smear is a pointless question. Were u treated for the cin 2 and got the all clear after it? If so i wouldn't be worrying .. In saying that we all worry while waiting for results it's only normal. Was your smear 3 years ago all clear?

Agree that she shouldn't have said that to you. Smear tests are always necessary whether you are active or not. Given that you had CIN 2 & 3 previously this was an insensitve comment to make really