2x weeks after my 2nd cone leep to remove the cancer area on my cervic, I suddenly developed incontence & have absolutely no control. I got into my dr a few days afterwards & they did the culture & exam & put me on 4x diff meds, 2x of which were strong antibiotics. I took my last one yesterday & just when I thought things might be very slowly getting a little better, it's as if it's gone backwards now it's back to how bad it was. However yesterday my Dr said he doesn't want me refilling the antibiotics even though it hasn't stopped. The culture had come back positive for a bladder infection but I still don't understand the severe incontence. Of course there's pain & burning along w/it but the incontence is my biggest concern & fear. Has anyone else ever had this issue or heard something about this happening?

Hi Red,

This must be awful for you.I can’t help really, but didn’t want to read and run. Ihave has UTI’s as I have bladder issues after treatment. They can be brutal so I feel for you and Iknow they don’t like to keep prescribing antibiotics. 

Have you asked the Dr what else can be done or if  thinks the incontinence will stop soon? It can’t be right to leave you with this and no plan to deal with it.

Fingers crosses you can get this sorted and soon xx


There are non-antibiotic options to help with troublesome UTIs e.g. D-mannose and Hiprex.  You might want to visit for further information - they have a good helpline.

I've had ten UTIs since my radical hysterectomy (Feb 2017) caused a lot of nerve damage to my bladder (very long grim story).  I generally stick with naturally caffeine free drinks now and I am careful to keep well hydrated.  I take D-mannose, on an occasional basis, to hopefully help prevent UTIs especially if I feel I've put myself at risk e.g. by doing too much.

Maybe you should ask your Dr for referral to a urologist - possibly ideally a uro-gynaecologist.  It might be unfair of me but, in my experience,  urologists seem to be more interested in  the male than the female system.