Question regarding complications after lletz

Hi guys,  I'm new to this and hoping someone may have known or experienced something similar.  December 10th 2018 I had abnormal smear results,  January 4th 2019 I had Colposcopy followed by immidately Lletz,  biopsy results showed Microinvasive CC less than 3mm in situ. Confirmed all removed with Lletz,  follow up in 6 months.  Following the Lletz I had a 4 week long severe uterine infection (hospitalised for 8 days of that for IV anti-bi's)  all seemed OK after this other than no periods came,  I would experience excruciating pain at the normal Te of my period but the tinyest amount of spotting,  literally less than an hour of blood loss,  my doctor referred me for a pelvic ultrasound to check everything is OK, during the scan which was carried out yesterday (March 15th 2019) major panic came from the scanner and consultant was called from emergency surgery ward,  I was immidately sent to the ward where I am now having to stay awaiting surgery. Since the lletz my cervix has blocked with scar tissue causing my periods to retain in my uterus, once full this has now perforated and causes a 5" Hematoma off the outside wall of my uterus filling the right side pelvic cavity.  The surgery and risk is that the hematoma has blocked the right kidney drainage tube and shut down my right kidney. This has all been a huge shock and very scary and I've wondered if this has been a complication for anyone else before?  It all seems very extreme for what I believed to be a straight forward procedure with somewhat low risk involvement.  :( 

Hi Manfe85

I'm sure someone will be along soon to share their experience but as it's a Sunday, I wanted to make sure you got a reply.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had this experience after your Lletz treatment. You're right, it does seem extreme for what is normally a straightforward procedure, which is why you were absolutely right to respond to the symptoms you were having and see your GP. This is an unusual response to treatment but I'm so pleased you're getting the help you need to resolve it. You might want to put your question through our Ask The Expert service. Your surgeon should also be able to explain why this has happened.

I do hope your surgery goes well and that your recovery is swift.

Please do let us know how you get on.

best wishes


Oh in really sorry you're going through this :( when will you have surgery? hope you feel a little better. 

I have heard of this happening before, not to the extent of a perforated uterus, how awful for you. How many months were between your LLETZ and now? 

The doctors should make all ladies aware of side effects and symptoms to look out for. I only knew because of this forum. To that end I hope that one of those ladies can provide more information and support for you. 

E xx