Question for women who have had CC or precancer

Hi:) I couldn't figure out where to put this question. I have precancerous lesions and had CIS about 27 years ago. My question to you is this- Did you have HPV-18 before you were dxd with cancer and how long did you have it? I have had mine at LEAST since 2013 (I am sure I had it those 27 years ago too and it became active. That or it is a new virus from unprotected sex in 2012-2013. I cannot seem to kick it and have colpos, punch biopsies and ECCs each year. I go again in March for my smear and am nervous. I had two periods this month and some spotting between. I realize i am 49 and it could be totally normal, but my mind is running away with me. Thoughts?

Hi. I also have persistent HPV. We found out in 2012 when I had my first abnormal smear. I've had two lletz and a cone biopsy since and my 8 th colposcopy on Monday. My last smear was normal but the HPV is still there. The nurse suggested trying to take echinecea for ten days at a time to boost my immune system. I'm also taking multivitamins and drinking lots of green tea. One of my consultants said that some women are always HPV+ and we simply didn't notice before because we were not testing for it. From reading the forum, the impression I get is that those of us who have recurring cells tend to be over 40- I'm 43 now. I'm clinging to the hope that you can have the virus and not necessarily go on to develop cancer. I also had abnormal bleeds in between my periods and was told it's because of all the works I had done. Good luck.

SmileThanks for your reply. I recently started taking folic acid and b12, along with my multi, D3, D-Mannose (I take this for my bladder. Since I started taking d mannose, i have not had a single UTI; before that, i got 3-4 a year at least. Anyway, i also take calcium/mag/zinc when i remember and evening primrose oil capsules. I have started drinking breakfast smoothies i make out of fruits, veggies, flax seed, coconut mix stuff, protein and whatever else I feel like tossing in. I am healthy and admit i do not eat perfectly or exercise enough, but i am not unhealthy at all. It is irritating to have persistent hpv. I have not had the lletz or cone, so i should be happy i guess with colpos and punch biopsies. I hope your goes dormant soon. I heard the same as you- age has a lot to do with it. I never get colds or flus, but my age i guess makes it harder to make the hpv dormant. But then agani, some women are just not as immune to it as most and i guess we got unlucky. i need to remember what you said... "you can have the virus and not necessarily go on to develop cancer"... That helps:) Thanks again. I really appreciate your input. XO Yiskah