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Morning ladies,


I am just after some advice, I had my smear back in Feb, came back low grade and HPV Positive. Had my Colposcopy appointment in March where they took biospies came back as CIN 2 I then had LLETZ in May and had my results last week saying it was CIN3 and all successfully removed ( Feeling very relieved) and back in 6 months. My question is how quick it's gone from low grade to CIN 2 but actually removed CIN3, should I be slightly worried at how much it's changed. I am very glad they have removed it all but just wondering if anyone else has had the same as I am bit confused at it all....



Hiya,  kind of similar, I had a smear in august which was low grade so it was to be repeated 6 months later, this was done in march and came back high grade so got referred for the colposcopy, lletz And biopsy done at same time unfortunately for me it came back as cancer, so I was the same as you wondering how it can be low grade one minute and then different not long after. 

Hi Debz, sorry to hear about your diagonasis! 

How is your treatment going?

don you think it's worth me speaking to my local GP just slightly worried that's it developed so quickly. I know it says they have successfully removed everything to which I am happy for. Just ore for peace of mind I guess? 

Hi, I've not started treatment yet, I'm back on the 20th to make my decision either a hysterectomy or trachelectomY, i don't have a clue what I'm going to choose.

i asked the doctor for a audit of my smear tests but have not heard back yet, I would like to know what my previous ones say as I've never been told about having HPV Or if I've actually got it. you could ask docs and see what they say. Xx

sorry I have only just seen this!I feel for you, it's must be hard not knowing which to do for the best. 


I think I will take you advice and ask for an audit and sit down to speak to someone.


Please let me know how you get on and if you need an ear to bend I'm here. Xx