question about symptoms

I have been having symptoms for the past 8-9 months, mainly a pain deep in the left side of what feels like my cervix but not always there, sometimes feels like it is out left in my pelvis too. It’s almost always uncomfortable. I got a CT and MRI from various doctors because this has been driving me crazy. My OB keeps telling me she doesn’t think it could be HPV related, but I do have a history of HPV-16 and a previous conization. I’m worried that the cells in my conization could be hidden up there and a few could be left? The margins in my conization were ‘clear on the outside but not inside’, and for my PAPs I had 2 LSIL results this year followed by a normal result. Also had a colposcopy which came back fine, but really worried about something worse lurking in my deep cervix and causing these symptoms but maybe not big enough to show up on MRI/CT? I think about it a lot because the pain is near constant but every OBGYN I talk to is so dismissive of this possibility, but 7 months of pelvic floor physical have seemingly done nothing. Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?