Question about smear test

Hello, have a question about the smear test, sorry in advance for my English, I’m not a native speaker.
I’m 34, I’ve never done this test before, as I’m a virgin and it is still unclear for me - is it possible to have this test, if a person never had any sexual contacts.

Last year when I visited our local GP a doctor tried to do this test, but we failed, she told me that it is, probably impossible in my case… And her explanations were also unclear for me, so, I’m still puzzled.

So, is it possible anatomically or not? (to have this test for virgins)

Thank you

Hi Elli,

Most cases of cervical cancer are linked to HPV which is a virus that can be caught through sexual contact. So I would imagine that your GP was suggesting that whilst not impossible, it is unlikely that you have HPV, therefore your risk for cervical cancer is reduced. However, there are other links to increased risk of cervical cancer such as smoking. I would recommend making an appointment to discuss with your GP or nurse whether or not you need to have a smear test and ask them to explain their reasoning and give you some literature to take away. You are as entitled to the test as anyone else, but it may be that your GP didn't want to cause you unnecessary discomfort if the examination was difficult. However, you deserve a proper explanation so you can decide for yourself whether you would like the test or not.

Hello Elli,

from my experience as a virgin, I was always told by GP that we were very low risk, obviously as long as there were no problems. I always declined these tests. They may be difficult to be done and perhaps painful (my first time sex hurt even though I was with a guy I loved. It was so physically uncomforatbale that I did not even want to continue. How can it then be with smear tests? I cannot imagine having had the first time with a medical insturment. I would have cried...)

You have the right to decline them. I do not see what they were testing you for. I was a virgin till my late 30s and never wanted to have them done in this country. I am from outside the UK and in my country they are only done on those women who have been sexually active.

Please find some more information online and decide if you want these tests or not as the next post said. You DO have the right to say NO. And even opt out.