Question about Sex & HPV - possible reinfection after Lletz?

Hi guys

So just a general question

I had my Lletz procedure for my HPV+ & Cell changes etc (story on my bio)

I'm terrified to have sex with my husband again due to the fear of being reinfected with HPV if my body is already fighting to get rid of it. How exactly does it work?!

I know we can't know where we contracted HPV from - for reference I have been with my Husband for 11 years. Though I know it can lie dormant for many many years without ever rearing its ugly head!

So i'm thinking that my Husband, regardless if i caught it from

him or not, will already be infected as he has been with me whilst the virus was active in my body

So will this just be a vicious circle of re-infection & cell changes? Trying to wrap my head around it all. It's bloody scary!

Thanks guys x



Hi I share some of your worries, my results are high risk hpv too. I am also wondering about how it all works with having sex with my partner. We have been together for 11/12 years so like you this must of been passed around us both surely in this time so part me tells me what's done is done ? I've read you can't catch the same strain twice or well atleast it's rare to?

Hi I dont know what the official word is on this but I just wanred to say I had lletz in 2015, was hpv positive and had early cancer. Been with partner 10 years and had unprotected sex since, smears now show hpv negative. I did have the same concerns though x


Just a suggestion but maybe this is a question you need to post in the Ask the expert section?

A x

Hi Aimee, 

There's a FAQs section here on Jo's website which gives an answer to your question. Unfortunately, a lot is unknown as of yet.