Question about Biopsy Results

On 11/07/17 I had an abnormal Pap which showed mild grade changes (lsil) and HR HPV. On 12/07/17 I had a colposcopy and 3 areas needed to be biopsied. Less then a week later I was given the results: 2 areas biopsied were benign and 1 tested positive as mild low grade changes staged as CIN 1. What I don't understand though is the doctor also said " the good news is there's no evidence of HPV on your biopsy". Ok. I don't understand. Is HR HPV normally tested during biopsy even though I just tested positive on a Pap smear a month earlier? If HPV was tested on biopsy, why were the results different then the Pap smear? I doubt the virus went into hiding that fast. Is it possible the Pap was wrong? I am going to call her back to get further clarification but I'm curious if anyone knows if HPV shows on a biopsy. 

Thank you.