Punch Biopsy


Hello All,

on 31st October had letter advising me that I have High Grade abnormalities and needed a colposcopy.

Went for colposcopy appointment today, after having a good look around with a junior doctor and a nurse, the doctor said that he would take a punch biopsy rather than do treatment today as he think I will be down graded.

This is odviously good news....but....what happens if I am down graded? Do these cell just go away? I know I should have asked more questions at the time but I felt so awful I just wanted to go home.

Has anyone else had this happen?



Hi Clare

well that is good news :)

I think that probably you will need to wait for the biopsy results to come through and confirm what has happened today but if you are downgraded after that then they may just want you to have a smear in 6 or 12 months time.

Thank you Suz2,

I will have to be patient and wait for results, my head is just working overtime at mo. 



That's good news! He must have felt you would be downgraded significantly, and be hoping that check ups will show that your body has got rid of them itself. I'm like a cracked record on this, but give yourself a massive immune boost now so you have started fighting it.

good luck, Molly xx