punch biopsy

Hiya.just abit of advice needed please..anyone had punch biopsy and it come back sooner then 4weeks and had cc? Scared as to why hadn't just had lletz?


I had punch biopsy last week too. No treatment. Worried. She said it would take 2 weeks. On letter to GP all she said was the bluntly obvious symptoms of CC and that there were some dense acetowhite changes and she will review me with resutls and wants to do a scan too...  

Hi. My hospital done a punch biopsy on initial visit to confirm the level of CIN , I was then called back after 8 weeks to have the LLETZ done as biopsy did confirm CIN3. My cc was diagnosed following LLETZ procedure rather than punch. xxx

Thankyou for replies.

The consultant didn't hardly let me look at screen so unsure as to what he saw..im left in limbo and scared..he did say I'll be back for whatever treatment is necessary but surely could of done lletz today aswel as punch biopsy. .

I think they just think we like the lengthy waiting times..but it sends me into thinking everything. .dont know what I would do if it wasn't for this website x

I just had biopsy at my first appointment. The reasoning in my case was because my original smear showed the possibility of glandular changes that may have needed a come biopsy under GA to remove. So I had the biopsy and a second smear initially. Took 3 weeks for results I think which confirmed CIN3 and I've subsequently had LLETZ under local which I'm awaiting the results from. The waiting is never good!

They haven't told me anymore than severe abnormality. 

And after today they have said 4 weeks for results x

I would hope that if the biopsy was to show CC you would hear sooner than 4 weeks. My abnormalities were in the cervical canal so worried it's more glandular (adenocarcinoma in worst case) but won't know until results come in... I guess sometimes reasons for holding back treatment during colposcopy is the fact that when you are young they want to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible so once they know what the extent is - they determine the best course of action for you to reduce complications later on..

Hi Klee24, I had exactly the same, no treatment on the day. The doctor said its because I haven't had any children yet and they dont want to do any treatment if its not necessary yet as the treatment removes a small amount of the cervix. I had 3 biopsies 8 days ago and still waiting to hear back xx

k8deee this is exactly what the doctor said to me too, they didn't want to do any treatment if its not needed yet xx