Punch biopsy...waiting on results is the worst.

Hello everyone :slight_smile: my name is Laura and I’m a newbie on here.
I had my smear (my 3rd-all others have been clear!)on the 28th January. A week or so later I received a letter informing me of borderline cell changes and HPV present, I was told a colposcopy appt would be sent to me, which it was a few days later. The word ‘borderline’ didn’t worry me at all, it’s a lot nicer than moderate or severe so I just plodded on without giving it a second thought… I was even less concerned when my appt was made for 6 weeks later, I just thought ‘well they’re not rushing it so I’ll be fine’.
My colposcopy was on Tuesday just gone, my mum came along with me, which was a blooming good thing as once I was sat on that little couch with my legs akimbo…i went blank. My cervix was there on the screen next to me which was surreal (I tried not to look as I doubt it’s my most sexy feature ha) all the time of having it done I felt so uncomfortable and wanted to pee. I could hear my mum asking questions and the nurses speaking but I was completely not with it at all. The nurse said that from what she could see she’d say that the abnormalities where high grade and that 2 punch biopsies would be taken. I was silent, I felt so odd… I thought I’d had been in and out and everything would be ok. They took the biopsies and said I’ll get the results in about 4 weeks… what a horrendous wait this is now. I don’t really understand how my smear and the colposcopy don’t match? I’m now obsessing over every bit of info I have, the note on my file says ecto and endo involvement with mosiac vascular pattern. From not worrying at all, I’m now feeling very anxious and it’s only day 2. I’ve read a few stories on here and forum posts, I’m so glad that there’s something like this on line to support and be there for one another. Hoping I can be there for some of you like you’ve helped me by just sharing your fears, stories and hope. Laura Xx

Hi sweetie.

I am also waiting for my biopsy results.

I have succumbed to the fact that until biopsy results come through no one knows what the real results are.

For example I got high grade on my letter from the smear results and then colposcopy said moderate cin 2. Likely lletz. 

Have also read about people getting high grade then only have cin1. 

The wait is definitely horrible. 

I think the positives are that we are in the system kinda thing and the steps are being taken. Also the average time for abnormal cells to turn cancerous is apparently 10 years. 

Try not to worry (easier said than done)

X x x x x x 

Hi Laura,

i also had colposcopy done nine days ago and was told I need lletz,but nothing else mentioned about cin,all I know is I'm high hpv,this waiting is just awful,I know how you feel,I've been at work today and have a missed call from my gp,I've rang them back and the receptionist doesn't seem to know why,they are finding out for me now.

Really know how you feel,my home life is suffering as well as my sanity,I wish you all the best xx

Hi ladies 

Thank you so much for replying. Bless you both, at least we're all in the same boat ay? Like you say Emclaire, the positives are that we're in the system and that if there is an issue, then we'll be sorted. It's easy for you to get so wrapped up in the what ifs that you start convincing yourself it's bad. I wish you both well and hope we all have splendid news :-) xxxx

I wish you all the best too Laura xx