Punch Biopsy - Swimming and Sex

Hi all!

This is my first post - apologies if this has already been asked but I tried to use the search and it didn't really answer my question! I'm really pleased I've come across this website as it has been quite frightening receiving the letter and having to go to have a colposcopy. But it is comforting to know we are all not alone! :) 

Anyhow, my question is: 

I had a colposcopy and punch biopsy (x2) on the 27th July (11 days ago). I had no bleeding, just discharge for about 5 days. The only other symptom I had was feeling very nauseous (belugh :()

I had a bath 5 days after and have been having them since with no problems. I am going on holiday next week and was just wondering if I should risk taking a swim? Also, I will be seeing my boyfriend this weekend before I go away but I am unsure whether to risk having intercourse? 

How long did you wait to bath/swim/have sex? Did you wait for the bleeding and discharge to stop, or follow the doctor's guidelines of 2-3 weeks? 

Any advice would be very much appreciated! :) 





Hi Peridot,

Like you I had a borderline smear with high risk HPV.You should be fine now to have sex and swim. My clinic recommended no swimming or intercourse for 7-10 days or as soon as any bleeding stopped. I had discharge for 5 days when I had 3 punch biopsies taken. I went to the gym 6 days after, had sex 9 days after it with no problems and went swimming 14 days later.  I was in Egypt diving all last  week on holiday and no problems  with being in the sea upto 4 times a day. Just waiting to have my cold coagulation now to get rid of my CIN 2. Can't wait to get it over and done with. Enjoy your holiday and try to take your mind off it.