Punch biopsy.... side effects!

Evening one and all. I had my colposcopy on Tuesday, I needed 2 punch biopsies and bled a little bit afterwards and had the sort of crampy pain I’d expect, I was soon fine after my fella said he’d take me out for tea and ice cream ;-p

This is where it gets a bit graphic so I do apologise and hope you have all eaten… I went to the loo yesterday for a wee and felt something come away. When I looked there was browny, blood stained clumps of tissue. It looked minging. I remember the nurse saying discharge is common and it can be grey or brown, but this wasn’t discharge.

I’ve had cramps all day today and can feel it still coming away from me. When I went to the loo before there was a huge clump of it after wiping, it’s a bit smelly too which I’m getting a bit paranoid about ha. Can any of you lovely ladies be able to tell me if this is fairly common? Thanks in advance Xxx

Hi. I had 3-4 punch biopsies today. There is brown stuff with flecks in it. I'm sure I heard her say they used iodine?? If so that is brown. It will be the chemical that they covered the cervix in that is the brown stuff. X