Punch biopsy results

Hello,my name is Joanne,I’m 40 and I’m in Manchester.
Went for my smear test,and the results are that I have high grade hpv,and last Wednesday went for colposcopy and had three punch biopsies taken.
Just waiting for my results,and like all of you here I’m sure,worried sick and a lot of sleepless nights.The colposcopist said that she felt sure she can treat me with lletz,but didn’t say which cin she thought I have.I wish you all the best awaiting results and having treatments,I’m glad I found this website it’s helping me a lot cope.
With love and best wishes Jo x

I got high grade result too and also waiting for my biopsy results x x 

consultant suspects cin 2 for me and most likely lletz 


Hi em,thank you for the response,let's hope for the best.I rang the colposcopy clinic today to be told that my results may take 2-4 weeks (after the colposcopist told me a week) I know how you feel,here if you need to talk,with best wishes xx

Hi there I know how your feeling my biopsy results consultant said 2 weeks its nearly 4 now just rang and still nothing in yet he said i would definatley need to come back for treatment these are my second lot of biopsies after severe smear x

I've been at work and I have a missed call from my gp,rang them back and the receptionist doesn't know anything and she said there's nothing on my notes or messages,am terrified now,she said they are going to find out and let me know xx