punch biopsy results

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am a paranoid mother and my daughter has been having mild dyskaryosis for nearly two years now. All colposcopys have been clear but smears show mild dyskaryosis. However her last smear in November showed mild/moderate changes and a punch biopsy was taken in January. She just received her results 7 weeks later and the letter just says abnormalities found and an appointment made for 2nd April for loop/leetz treatment as outpatient which will take 10 minutes to be done. Im so confused that the letter doesnt give any indication like CIN 1 or CIN2 or anything. Has anyone else had this experience? Also i dont understand why all clposcopys have been clear?

Hi Sacha,

None of my results have indicated what CIN my abnnormaliies were, which is frustrating. I only found out mine were CIN3 because I saw it written down when I went for my Lletz under local (which they then couldnt do). I'm not sure why your daughter's colposcopys have all been clear though if abnormalities were shown at the smear.

Are you going with your daughter for her Lletz? They should be able to answer questions on the colposcopys when you are there. Also if your daughter was to call the colposcopy department they should be able to tell her what CIN she has but its likely to be CIN2 as they don't usually treat CIN1 from what i've read.

Hope she gets on ok xx

Hi, Fiona, thanks for replying, yes I will be with her I always go with her to these appointments. This treatment she is having is not done under general its just a local  but im so worried that the letter just said abnormalities. Im a terrible worrier and im thinking the worst. Why dont they make these thing clearer in the letters. Im pleased your treatment was successful.xxx

From my experience they aren't very clear with the results/letters that they send. I received my results letter and it only indicated that I had CIN 1 and that I had an apointment with the colposcopy clinic. I went for my apointment on Friday to be told that I would be having the Lletz procedure, I had no prior warning or anything.

Most women just have the treatment under local. Mine was just a larger area so had it under general. It is worrying when they don't make things clear but if you or your daughter give thema call they may be able to go into more depth. My letters have all been very unclear. Even my last one after my lletz all it said was "there is no cause for concern and the treatment should have been adequate" it doesn't really tell me much.

They should answer all your questions and put you both at ease at the appointment

Good luck to you both xx

Im guessing different hospitals have their own way of wording these things I would have been happier if they had stated CIN 1 or whateve. At least they have tod her she needs the lletz/loop and it will be done as an outpatient taking only 10 minutes. Im so worried about cancer though? She is only 26 and her very first smear was mild dyskaryosis and it stayed like that until November when it cam back mild/moderate but still nothing showing on colposcopy. I hope yur procedure went ok for you. xxx

Hiya, mild/moderate changes I would say or CIN2 hence the Lletz procedure they won't treat CIN1 that's a wait and watch

if the letter had stated severe changes then I would take that to be CIN3 it's all so worrying when we get these results then the waiting around,

if there was any indication at all of CC I'm sure they would of called her to be seen a whole lot quicker so try your best not to worry about it being that although its

a lot easier said then done, my biopsy showed CIN3 so I'm awaiting an appointment for Lletz under general as the area is large and I'm still worried they'll find CC

once they are there removing te cells! 


Good luck xxx

Hi Lola, Im thinking CIN 2 as well but dont understand why they just wrote "abnormalities found" so now my mind is al over the place. Now we have to wait over 3 weeks before the leetz loop and i cant get my mind clear. I do hope your treatment goes well for you im sure you will be ok, Good luck.xxx



My daughter had lletz 5 weeks ago after punch biopsy showed CIN 2. We were told nothing pointed to cancer so far. This morning she rang hospital reception to ask if her results were through yet and they said yes but they cant tell her the result she will get a letter shortly. Im really very worried about this answer. Anyone had this said to them? Would be grateful for any help. xxx

Hi Sacha,

As it's been 5 weeks and they've indicated they will send the results in a letter its highly likely there is nothing to worry about. Hospitals generally don't give out results over the phone so please try not to panic.

If they have had the results, it just means they are in the process of writing them up and she will receive them in the post soon.

I know it's hard to try and not panic but it really is a good sign that it has been 5 weeks and that the are sending them by post. Generally if there is something to worry about they would call you in and this would have happened a few weeks ago (going off what I have read of other people's experiences on here).

I hope she gets her results through soon xxx