Punch biopsy results, More waiting...


I had biopsys taken and a d&c on the 11th september. I went in to hospital today for my follow up appointment not knowing if I was receiving my results or not. They had my results which confirmed cin 2 and cin 3, and high risk HPV 31 If that makes any sense? They immediately booked me in for a cone biopsy which isn't until 3rd November. This has been such a long process since having my results in July which were high grade Dykosoris, waiting over a month for my coloscopy/biopsys D&C and then 4 weeks for results and now 3 weeks for cone biopsy and then another 4 for more results. I am in Malta it seems everything takes longer here and I had such an awful experience in hospital last month, I really don't want to go back there again,  and this time they are saying I will have to stay in over night. Then had my last biopsys done under GA and they are putting me under GA for the cone too. I am not yet a registered resident here in Malta and am looking back to moving to the UK, if I was to fly back to the UK tomorrow does anyone know how I would go about having my cone biopsy done back home or if its even possible. ?

I also asked about if a cone biopsy is to check for cancer, and they said yes but would it not have shown up in the previous biopsys or does that simply just show what grade of cin you have.

Thanks for reading,

Samantha :-)