Punch biopsy feeling dizzy


I'm completely new to this forum!

I went for a colposcopy 6 days ago (tue 3rd feb) where they did a double punch biopsy.

I'm just a bit worried as since then I've been bleeding, light and dark blood as well as blood clots, and I have also been feeling extremely dizzy to the point where I think I'm going to pass out. Is this normal or should I be contacting a doctor?

Thank you for your help and support


Call the colposcopy clinic / doctor as this doesn't sound normal to me. I had several punch biopsies taken and only experienced light bleeding and certainly no dizziness. Do you have a temperature at all? That's sometimes a sign of a slight infection that can be cleared up with antibiotics. However Even if you don'thave temp it's unusual to feel like this so many days after punch and the bleeding sounds unusual unless maybe your period has come on. Call to be on the safe side with a list of your symptoms in front of you so you don't forget any. In the meantime take it steady as the blood could mean you have over exerted yourself and inadvertently dislodged the scabbing on your biopsy sites (just like accidently knocking off a scab on your knee you will get bleeding)