Punch Biopsy - CIN2 - treatment

Hello all,


just wondering if anyone could advise on what treatment they use for CIN2 and what it means exactly....


I had my first smear in November (age 24) just a routine letter that i got sent as i was 25 in a few months.

Smear came back with abnormal cells present and High Risk HPV.

Got sent to the Colposcopy clinic for a Punch Biopsy beginning of December. When i was there the nurse doing it said she is 80% right and looks like she will see me in 12months.

got results just before christmas: CIN2 (nothing else mentioned about HPV)

got another letter saying i would need treatment , didnt say what one though, just booked me in for beginning of Feb....


also, what does CIN actually mean?


A little confused and have my treatment what ever it is in a few days.


Thanks for any advice or stories :) im new to this site as i cant seem to find much info on what this is m- or the big words are just confusing me and making things sound more complicated than it is.

Hello sweetheart,

I'm sorry you are finding this all so confusing. I could try to answer some of your questions for you but it's probably a lot easier if you do this;

At the top of the page is a big pink stripe with the word 'Menu' written on it. To the left is a big white button. If you click on that button the menu drops down and you can choose where you want to go. Click on 'Cervical cancer & abnormalities' From there you can find all sorts of information that will answer pretty much any question you could think of asking but try this and see if it's what you want;

If you scroll down that page you will find the following headings, again, all written on pink stripes; HPV, HPV vaccine, Cervical screening, Colposcopy, Abnormal cervical cells, & Cervical cancer. Click on 'Abnormal cervical cells' Then scroll down that page a bit and next to a drawing of the cervix you will see "Frequently asked questions on the results of abnormal cells and treatments" Click on that and see if you can find the answers to your questions.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli...i just came straight to the forum and missed everything else on this site, and my head wasnt working properly but the information on here actally really helped me out :)

I had my treatment LLETZ done today - didnt know what treatment i was going to have as the letter didnt state before hand just had a tick box saying 'requires treatment', it wasnt until i was in the doctors office that he said i should of received a leaflet about the treatment with my letter - i was just an unlucky one apprently....

Anyway, i have had LLETZ done (i even watched it on the screen behind me) was actually pretty interesting to see what all the fuss is about down there!

The local anaesthetic was the worst part for me - felt like a stinging/scratching sensation for only a few seconds - made my eyes water and me jump a little.

The rest for me was fine. I could feel the heat and could smell a slight funky smell of the burning but no pain just the odd pressure.

I had to wait in the waiting room for 15mins afterwards to make sure i was ok, got given a hot chocolate, they checked for bleeding and i was free to go.

So far, amost 8 hours after treatment i feel fine. A bit lightheaded when i got home but nothing out of the ordinary, plus so far so bleeding or bad pain.....which im hoping is a good thing.

The part taken was in there words 'the size of a sugar cube' and i will get the results back in 3/4 weeks and just go for another appt in 6months to make sure its all gone, fingerscrossed!

Just thought i would put my experience on here as i know people will always ask but i know all experiences are different.