Punch Biopsy been sent as urgent, why?


i really hope this makes sense and I don't waffle too much because I've got myself so worked up.


last Thursday (29/06) I had a colposcopy and several punch biopsies. I was initially sent because I went to my gp with pain and bleeding during and after intercourse, pain on my left side and into my back, I was also rushed to hospital 5 weeks ago with severe pain which they think is endometrisosis so awaiting laparoscpy date, but they first wanted me to have a smear test. However when my gp did the smear, she apparently put it in the wrong bottle, so I didn't get the results. But the Drs who did my smear said that my cervix was bleeding and very inflamed and seemed a "bit odd", so due to not being able to have another smear I was sent straight for a colposcopy. 


Whilst there, she said I had some abnormal cells but wouldn't say what grade, and also said (I quote) " you have an area of what look like fragile cells on the outside of your cervix", when I asked what she meant she very quickly skimmed over it and said that it's like inflammation and it can be caused by hormones like contraception etc. But I'm not on contraception. She didn't seem to want to answer my questions. She was really really nice though, especially as I had been in pain with the procedure and got a bit upset (I'm such a wimp, and was like this when they did my last smear, but weirdly my previous smears have never hurt).


anyway, she said she was sending the biopsy as urgent and that I could ring on the 13th July (exactly 2 weeks) for the results. she tried making a joke about it and said that at least I don't have to wait the 4-6 weeks like normal, but I didn't think to ask why it was being sent off a urgent. To be honest the whole appointment was a bit of a blur.


has anyone had any experience of this? Why would it be sent as urgent? could the inflammation/fragile cells (which I'm guessing she's referring to ectropian) be mistaken and it's cancer? What about the bizarre symptoms?


im so sorry this is a long post. But thank you so much for any advice or help xxx


I think there is a two week protocol for any testing where there is a possibility of cancer. The vast majority of these fast tracked results will be nothing too sinister so please try not to worry. The main thing is that the biopsy has gone and you will get results and treatment if you need it quickly. 

Reading your post it sounds like they are being very thorough. The waiting is the hard part.