Punch biopsy and a bit confused

Hi, I have been in today for my colposcopy after recieving my letter after my smear saying i had high grade dyskaryosis

I was seen by a lovely doctor and two fabulous nurses who held my hand during it and made me feel comfortable and laugh!

The doctor on having a look said that i do not have cancer however he said he was taking a punch biopsy

It was a little uncomfortable especially when he asked me to cough.

Im very happy with what he said however is there a way to be sure its not cancer just by looking?

He said they would be sending me an appointment as i would be needing further treatment in a few weeks and sending my biopsy to the lab, but im just a little confused?

Has anyone else been told the same thing or have any advice?

Ofcourse i am extremely happy that he said its not Cancer, but is there a way to be sure without the biopsy results?


Hi Lulu B,

I think the colposcopists see so many cervix abnormalities that they can usually distinguish between what they think are high grade abnormalities and invasive cancer but they can't be 100% sure without havig the histology results.

I had exactly the same thing as you, had high grade dysk. on my smear, was sent for a colposcopy, had a punch biopsy which confirmed that they thought and then went onto having the treatment.

If you're anxious, I would suggest you call the colposcopy nurses for your results rather than wait for a letter confirming them and your treatment.  Purely from my own experience, I called after 4 weeks and got my results and then the letter arrived 2 weeks later.  My Doctors had received the results after 2 weeks and I'd been wittling away for an extra 2 weeks before I plucked up the courage to call!

Good luck x