punch biopsies

Hello ladies can i ask how long it was before you got biopsy results back?


Many Thanks

Hi Betty

With me I had a phone call 10 days after (on a Friday) and then saw the consultant on the Monday.  It does seem to vary quite a bit so you will probably get a few different replies.



Thankyou Cheryl xx

mine took 2 weeks hun

Aug 2014 borderline with hpv pap result

Sept 2014 colposcopy with punch biopsies

Oct 2014 results cin3 Lletz booked


Mine were back within a week x

I've been told 6 weeks :-/

Thanks ladies for your input x

I was told 6 weeks, but I got them in 6 days.

I called the clinic after the appointment as I had forgotten how long they had said, and to find out if I got the results by post or if I needed to make a follow up appointment. The secretary was really lovely, she explained my biopsy had been marked urgent.

I told her I was quite worried, and asked if she could call me with the results so I didn't have to wait any longer than needed. She told me she wouldn't be able to call me herself, because she was not qualified to give results, but she would ask my doctor for permission to call me and read the letter to me then it would be ok.

In the end, my doctor called herself on day 6 with the results :)

I was a mess for those 6 days though!! Every day sitting at work convinced the results were waiting at home and it would be bad news