"Pulsing Cervix"

Hi, I’m new to this site and was just hoping someone could shed some light on a couple of things. I am 21 and went for a colonoscopy this morning. The Dr pointed to my cervix on screen and told the 2 women in the room to notice how my cervix was “pulsing”. They all seemed to look concerned and I seen them lip reading eachother out of the corner of my eye. The Dr said he found it really difficult to get to my cervix and when he did he instantly let me know that he needed to take more than a few biopsys from different parts of my cervix.

I’m just wondering if this sounds concerning or if it is in fact just usual protocol? I was referred by my GP because she thinks I have some abrasion on my cervix so could the pulsing be related to that?

Thanks in advance:)