Pubic swelling after laparoscopic lymph node removal in the groin

i am 5 days post op and have noticed that the area around my pubic bone is quite swollen.... Has worsened in the last 24 hours. Has anyone else had this? Don't know if I should be worried or not. 

I had the same thing. Mine was really bad on one side for like 3 weeks a week after my op. I think it a just your body getting used to the lack in lymph nodes there. I would say nothing to worry about but I'd it doesn't calm down ask to speak to the lymphedemia nurse 



I had the same too! It does settle down.  wishing you a speedy recovery. X

Same as Amy & Nellie

Be lucky :-)

Hi I'm six days post laproscopic removal of lymph nodes and triacheloctomy and my groin area is swollen and painful. My abdominal swelling has gone down well but groin area is worrying me a bit. Am I stressing unecessarly? Was your swelling painfull too? 


pit took nearly five weeks for swelling to go down, in my groin area. It will improve, i promise.

It.s normal - i had the same, was huge, then went down

Mine was the same. It did you go down, however I am having some heaviness in my legs with really slight pitting oedema (9 weeks post op). Did anybody get this?


My legs went a bit oddly heavy post op but they're fine now. It took a while, I can't remember how long exactly but the body usually sorts itself out in time.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Sylvia:)

Thank you Liana. It's good to hear it's 'normal'.

yes was  swollen over and beside pubic bone, more so first month, still is numb and weird 7 weeks on. When it aches I know I need a lie-down!

good luck,