Protein in urine and hand swelling

Hello ladies,


I've had 2 urine tests recently one that came back with a high level of protein, the other with a borderline result. I'm suffering with swelling in my hands and lower arms too, which is mainly heat affected. I know the two are linked to kidney function but my bloods came back fine.


Of course I've convinced myself I must have kidney cancer now or something else sinister....I jsut wondered if anyone had expereinced this?



Hi Jo,

Long time no chat!, just to say I'm sorry your having more problems, no personnal experience of this one but hope you get it sorted soon.

Sometimes I think its all the side/late effects that cause us more problems and yes we can't help but think its something worse.

Hugs coming your way


Thanks Naomi!

My GP doesn't seem at all concerned but if course I'm freaking out and plotting loads of things. I wish I'd give myself a break sometimes. I went for a run on Saturday, an actual run! Aching so much now but it was worth it.

How are you getting on now? I see your last scan result was good - excellent!