Pros and Cons of Radiotherapy

Hi All

I have just got back from seeing my consultant after having a CT scan 2 weeks ago after I had finished 6 sessions of Chemo.
He has given me the choice of either of the following
No further treatment with. Scan 2 months later
Radiotherapy both I ternal and external

I am wondering if anyone can give me there pros and cons of having radiotherapy and any advice or support they can give me. My CC is stage 4b


Hi Melissa,

I can't tell you what to do, especially as I was a 2B. I had chemo and radiotherapy, so my personal opinion would be to go for the radio. I am surprised that you didn't get it with your chemo in the first place, but I suppose that everywhere does things differently. I think you need to wiegh up the pros and the cons based on the info you have been given, and the benefits you expect to have from the treatment.

Good luck with making your decision,


Thank u Ceri for your help. The reason why I didn’t have radio with chemo was because my cancer had spread round my chet and lungs so it wasn’t contained in one area so radio wasn’t an option.
I will have another look and speak with my key worker more
Thank u again