I just find myself annoyed at an article featured in today's Daily Mail,

The article implies many middle aged women are refusing to go to their Doctors with gynecological symptoms in fear of being attached to the stigma of being promiscuous!

The Daily Mail actually says 'promiscuity has been linked to Cervical cancer'

Before I myself was diagnosed with CC I Overheard a work colleague telling a younger women not to worry about having a smear as it was naughty women who slept around that went on to develop Cervical Cancer!

Surely, articles such as this misleading one will not positively encourage women to attend smear appointments or approach their Drs with symptoms.


I absolutely agree, I am afraid for people to know about this because of this stigma, & I have only ever had 2 partners my whole life (in my 30s now).

Hi ladies

im so shocked and saddened by that article. I'll be honest I haven't researched hpv and associated things re sex and cervical cancer but would have never considered myself promiscuous. I think any cancer is brutal but cervical especially has such horrible symptoms and side effects of treatment it's so awful, so an article like that will just mis inform and cause even more distress.

i went to docs quickly when symptoms started and I was still a 2a with node involvement. It's so important people don't feel stigmatised by incorrect half baked journalism and wrong attitudes. 

not sure what good my post has done but wanted to share my disgust and have a rant.



What a dreadful thing to say and how irresponsible for the Daily Mail to print that comment.

I recently did a piece for the Daily Telegraph promoting smears during Cervical Cancer Awareness Week.  On the web page someone (male) had commented that preventability of cervical cancer was well publicised and people could change their behaviour accordingly.  I was so upset and angry as it had taken a lot of strength to go public in the first place.  I challenged him and asked what behaviour would need to change in order to prevent it but of course I never received a reply.

I have been happily married for over 20 years so there's proof it's not promiscuity that causes it.

We need more articles that kicks this stigma out.


When I told my mum I was having treatment for what might be CC (now found out it is CC) my mum spoke to a Nurse she knows who told her not to worry as is mostly woman who have had lots of different partners in other words slept around that get CC!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!! 

Nicola x

(who hasn't slept around but still has CC) 


just wanted to say well done on going public and doing that. I'm still going through treatment and prob wouldn't have the strength to just yet but think it's important that misconceptions are challenged.

that article has really upset and angered me 


Nicola that's so awful how insensitive of her!

Maybe my beliefs are too liberal, but what exactly does promiscuity even mean these days?  every individual on this earth is free to make their own consensual sexual relationship choices and NOBODY should ever beshamed for those choices, nor told that their CC is a fault of said choices.  Makes me so angry!!! 

I don't think most people judge.  Anyone with any sense knows that you could catch HPV or any STI even if you had only had one partner. I have just started a new job though, and although they were really sympathetic and nice, one woman did say 'I'm just really shocked, you're young, you have no kids. I thought that this only happened if you were someone who had loads and loads of sex and after you have kids'..... which baffled me! Firstly I thought well you've only know me two weeks,  I may well have had loads of sex for all you know lol! But no, i said, these things aren't the direct causes of precancerous cells or cc. Like I said though, I don't think most people judge. The fact that smear tests are even offered shows its own common problem. And I know a number of women who have had abnormal cells at some point,low or high grade, and none of them I would call promiscuous. 

Thank you Kimmy, I hope your treatment goes well.

I've just been reading some of the responses to the article on the Daily Mail's online page.  There are a lot of women angry at this article and have berated the DM about it.  One has pointed out that nuns have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and they couldnt be accused of promiscuity.

Unfortunately most will have just read the newspaper article that will now have influenced the way some people think.  I think the DM should be forced to re-dress the balance and print the actual facts not some attention grabbing story.


It was irresponsible Cheryl of the Daily Mail and it annoyed me, 

also, agree with what you say Auntie Liz every individual should be free to make their own consenual choices,

as Kimmy says it is CC has such horrid symptoms and side effects that articles such as this will cause more distress.

We certainly do need more articles that kicks the stigma out Cheryl, well, didn't want to cause any upset by putting this post but felt the need

to have a rant on the issue, wish all you ladies well, wherever you are at Take Care and Best Wishes X

Hi Else74

I'm really glad you did bring our attention to the article - thank you so much for doing so.  We can all support each other which Jo's is so brilliant at.  We'll treat the article with the contempt it deserves!



Just seen a very good piece that was in the Daily Telegraph yesterday along the same lines but this time giving the correct facts.  It can be seen online on the Daily Telegraph site, under Women then Health.  It is titled 'British women think having many sexual partners can give you cancer'.


ooh! I will read the piece in the Daily Telegraph, Thanks Cheryl :-) X

Hopefully if enough people respond to the article it will bring the issue out into the open & actual facts will be published resulting in raised awareness & increased understanding.  I don't know about anyone else but this whole thing would have been much less scary & isolating for me if people (including myself!) were generally better informed, especially when you consider it is relatively common.

Really sad to see that the media are still as ignorant as when I

was first diagnosed in 2008!!! This is just unbelievable.

Loose women did a piece on it back then and basically said the same.

Really makes me angry.


Ugh this really annoys me!

you can get CC or HPV without even losing your virginity, just through skin to skin contact.

I was going to tell my story on a health related website but a man started posting about how nuns never get cervical cancer so it's basically an STI.

it's just horrible to have to feel like you're judged in that way, regardless of your diagnosis.

we just have to keep educating people.