Progression of changes

Hi all, I just wondered how all of your progression was. For context last year I was HPV no abnormal cells. This year I’m HPV with CIN1/CIN2. Of course I just want to get better (I’m trying a natural route while waiting for biopsy results) but then there’s a fear of once it clears does it just go into remission or can it come back?
I’d love to hear from you all about how quickly your cells developed or when you got the all clear how long you’ve been clear for? X

Hi @Sherry3

I first tested positive for HR HPV in the back end of sep20 with the smear showing borderline changes, I had a colposcopy with biopsies 6 weeks later (nov20) that came back as CIN1 and a cervical ectropion with an advisement of a follow up smear 12 months later… my follow up smear oct21 was still HR HPV + this time with low grade changes, another 6 weeks (now jan22) where this time the biopsies returned CIN3, i completed a LLETZ in mar22 with a test of cure smear in sep22 coming back as virus negative so im back to normal 3 yearlies

Its not actually known if once we clear it whether its gone completely or supressed back into dormancy, 80-90% of people who clear the virus, wont ever test positive for the same strain again where the immune system has controlled it completely but if there is some residual DNA from the virus left over, its estimated that 10-20% of previous infections could have a reactivation, but theres no way to know who that 10-20% may be, you can get different answers from different doctors… some say once its gone its gone where others will say it may come back because they simply just dont know, think of it like the virus that causes chicken pox most clear it completely but there is a small number of people who may get shingles later in life

Those here that tests positive again after being negative for x amount of time, its hard to say whos actually had a reactivation or whether a new strain had been picked up inbetween as most of us dont actually know which strain/s we have/had its only a handful of countries that use a strain specific test, so a positive test again isnt necassarily indicative that its come back unless we know which strain/s we orginally tested positive for xx

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Thank you so much for your response, All the information you’ve given is amazing! And I’m so happy to hear that your treatment worked, may you continue to always be in the all clear :heartpulse: