Progesterone after RH?

Hi all, I had a RH mid September for 1b1 adenocarcinoma followed by 25 Ext rads which finished last week. I’ve gone back on HRT evoril 75 but doc says I no longer need progesterone (i know this due to no womb). However my sleep pattern has been awful and waking hot/cold etc. when I initially went on to HRT in April the hot flashes stopped almost immediately and sleep had much improved within a couple of weeks. Therefore last night (after much google research to make sure it was safe) I decided to take a progesterone tablet to see if it made a difference. It did! Only woke up hot once and although broken sleep I think over a few weeks it will improve (pattern as before). I’m going to speak to a GP but my question is if anyone has been prescribed both after a hysterectomy ? It’s seems on google that there are definitely benefits but at higher risk (I’m 53 next week).