Problems with IVF embryo transfer, due to cone biopsy

Anyone out there had IVF after extensive cone biopsy or lletz?

I've only got 15-17cm of cervix left and when they tried to do the embryo transfer, my swollen ovaries had pushed everything out of alignment  Without a visible cervix, the NHS Dr's have a nightmare getting the tube in. First cycle I was awake and my god I cried from the pain and indignity. I was pushed and shoved. Second cycle I insisted on sedation, that was great for me, but they had so much trouble I had to have extra sedation.

Anyhoo, I've that read transfer trauma impacts implantation rates due to blood contamination and uterine contractions. 

Two failed NHS attempts and I'm thinking this isn't helping my odds. 

So I'm looking for advice. How other doctors deal with this? Are there experts that have a special technique? Any UK private IVF clinics that are good at dealing with this issue?


Anyone? Xxx 

did you have the hysterscopy under local or genral?

Hi Michelle202,

I just wanted to message to say I am really sorry no one got back to you about your questions. The fertility section of the forum can be very quiet. I know though that your questions many will also be on lots of other peoples minds as they go down fertility treatment. 

We have an Ask the Expert ( service which I think you will really benefit from. This service is where you submit your medical quesiton and we send it on to someone on our panel whose best placed to answer. I really hope that helps.

Please know you can also call our Helpline anytime (0808 802 8000) and our trained volunteers and staff are there to offer you support and informatiton.

With my best wishes,


Hi Michelle I’m so sorry for what your going through. I’ve created an account as wanted to tell you I’m going through the same thing. I had the lletz done last July now being given all clear. We had an FET in September that was due I think scar tissue. I had a hysteroscopy in January this year but was under anaesthetic as was worried about the pain as my cervix wasn’t dilating enough in the transfer. This was unsuccessful as was taking too long I have been told by my fertility clinic they can send me to another hospital where they are able to perform the hysteroscopy with anaesthetic longer if needed. But we travel abroad for treatment as very expensive in the uk and don’t fit criteria for nhs funding. We are in the Czech Republic and although not worked for us yet I have no faults with the clinic or treatment we have been given and for less than half price to the uk. Best of luck xx