Problems following cervical cautery treatment



I am 23 and recently had a cervical ectropian treated using the diathermy heat treatment method.  All went well and everything seemed to heal no problem. I followed the advice given and didn’t exercise for 4 weeks, go swimming, use tampons or have sex as advised. During the fifth week I returned to an exercise class at the gym and had sex with no problems what so ever no bleeding etc. I then went on holiday where I swam and went kayacking one day.  The following day I experienced bleeding when I went to the loo first thing in the morning this continued for three days on and off. I had not had sex for two days previous to this so didn’t think it could be related to that! It stopped after the third day then that evening following intercourse I bled again quite a lot.  I am now wondering whether the cauterisation has simply just not worked or whether it wasn’t totally healed and I disturbed the new tissue by swimming etc. I am taking the combined pill still so not sure if that is contributing to the problem and am at the end of my pack now Period due this week. A previous doctor has mentioned that going on the Mirena coil will help with the ectropian but the dr who treated me for the ectropian never mentioned this.  I am at my wits end with this now as I do not know if I have undone any healing that may have taken place and now do I have to start all over again and go back to have it cauterised? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.