Problems after treatment for cin2

Hi all hope someone can help or been in same situation.
I had lletz treatment on the 8th October this year, all went well and had the typical symptoms following the treatment, however I have the mirena coil fitted and had my treatment done whilst the coil was in but now I started bleeding two days ago. I’ve not had a period since my coil has been in place (which has been just over 4 years) so just not sure if this is normal or not or should I be worried that my coil has moved or worse fallen out?

I would get in touch with the consultant who did your treatment and ask just in case. They wanted to remove mine if they needed to carry out treatment (but I didn't have treatment there and then) but I'm sure they would have told you if they had done that.  It may just be bleeding from where you've formed a scab maybe and that's come away? But for your own peace of mind I'd give them a bell tomorrow hun. Xx

Thank you I will contact them tomorrow to ask them what it may be. It's a defo a period as I've had period cramps and sore breasts the norm symptoms of period being due. I just hope coil is still in place lol. 

How did you get on Hun?