Problems after Lletz

Hiya im having a few problems I had Lletz done four days ago and iv been

constipated ever since, sorry for tmi I just didn't know who else to ask is this normal after the procedure? I had it done under GA has that anything to do with it? 

when iv tried to go (so sorry) it feels like there is something coming out of my lady garden? I feel so embarrassed just writing this but I don't want to call my doctor tomorrow 

for it to just be a normal thing to happen after the procedure and I really don't want her to examine me, another question is it possible for a biopsy to show one issue and a lletz 

to show something different? I'm also experiencing pain in my pelvis located to one side and pain in my left leg? could be anything just wondering if it could be related


Thanks ladies xxx

Hi i had lletz nearly 2 weeks ago i too was constipated for about a week :/ lol. I also had a pain at one side which i assumed was where they did the lletz. I have also been extremley bloated which gets worse as the day goes on! I seriously look pregnant!! I am hoping all this settles down soon. If you are still concerned speak to your gp or ring colposcopy :) x