Problems after Lletz

Hiya im having a few problems I had Lletz done four days ago and iv been

constipated ever since, sorry for tmi I just didn't know who else to ask is this normal after the procedure? I had it done under GA has that anything to do with it? 

when iv tried to go (so sorry) it feels like there is something coming out of my lady garden? I feel so embarrassed just writing this but I don't want to call my doctor tomorrow 

for it to just be a normal thing to happen after the procedure and I really don't want her to examine me, another question is it possible for a biopsy to show one issue and a lletz 

to show something different? I'm also experiencing pain in my pelvis located to one side and pain in my left leg? could be anything just wondering if it could be related


Thanks ladies xxx

Hi i had lletz nearly 2 weeks ago i too was constipated for about a week :/ lol. I also had a pain at one side which i assumed was where they did the lletz. I have also been extremley bloated which gets worse as the day goes on! I seriously look pregnant!! I am hoping all this settles down soon. If you are still concerned speak to your gp or ring colposcopy :) x

I’m currently having the exact same issues! I had my procedure 2 days ago, I’m wondering if you found out what caused it? I too would also rather not go back to be examined because it was quite traumatising going through the procedure and I’m recovering mentally and physically :confounded: xxx

Hey, @Melissa2 I had the LLETZ 8 days ago now, I haven’t suffered with constipation but I have read that’s common but I am suffering with pain in my hip area! I went to the GP today and told them about the hip pain but also I had yellowish watery discharge (sorry for TMI) the GP did have to examine and I can’t lie it was painful I screamed when she put the speculum in but she needed to look for signs of infections.

I’ve been given antibiotics now as a precaution, maybe if your symptoms continue and don’t get better ring your doctors for advice, mine were so understanding at how worried I was!

Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you, I’ve had this discharge/watery stuff too! But since it’s only been two days I don’t know whether that’s enough time for an infection to brew :woman_shrugging:t3: but if it does carry on I’ll probably have to see the gp! I hope the antibiotics help you, and you feel better soon!xxx

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My GP said if an infection is to occur it will be in the first 14 days! Maybe just keep an eye on your symptoms (you’ll know your body better than anyone)! I felt dramatic going the doctors because I couldn’t understand what’s just normal side effects of the healing process and what’s an infection! Glad I went anyway it really calmed my anxiety, each stage keeps mithering me haha! X

Oh really! I didn’t know it could happen so quickly, I’ll definitely keep an eye on it! So annoying as you can’t exactly keep the site clean or anything and try prevent infection :confounded: yes I feel the same, I’m such a worrier and hate to bother the doctors but I think if I do keep getting the pain and more of the discharge I’ll get it checked, guess it’s better to be safe than sorry! It is so hard to tell what’s normal and what’s not, that’s why I came to the forum to try find some answers, I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed than with all the cervical stuff! :woman_facepalming:t3: are you awaiting results from your procedure xxx

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@Melissa2 that’s the problem, it’s all so annoying! Yeah, I’m waiting for my results from the LLETZ now, I just want to know what they are, so fed up of it all haha! My biopsy before the LLETZ said cin3, I just hate all the waiting x

I hope the wait isn’t too long :confounded: my results only took a week from my smear so :crossed_fingers:t3: the lletz results aren’t too long! Mine came back severe changes from my smear and I got a colposcopy app the day before I got my results, the consultant when I got there didn’t even look at my cervix he took me in a room and got me to sign for the lletz procedure straight off the bat, so because it’s all been very fast (still feels a million years some days) it’s just that little bit extra worrying? So I’m absolutely done with my mind running off with itself now! Hopefully your results are with you soon, I can absolutely relate to how you feel, just got to keep distracted I guess! Talking on here feels like it helps, people can relate, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! Have you had previous biopsies or anything? (Before this one for cin3 I mean)xxx

@Melissa2 That does seem quick, for me to seems really drawn out, my smear was in December, colposcopy end on Jan 3 biopsies taken then, then in feb got my results for that saying cin3 then March the LLETZ! Now have to wait to see what that comes back with, it feels like so far my life is just consumed by it :joy: I do my own head in worrying because it’s just exhausting!

These groups definitely help focus your mind etc…when I’ve tried talking to my close friends i don’t feel like they get it or understand because they haven’t gone through it before, but this forum provides such a community and support system even though we’re all strangers, it feels like we’ve all known each other years so it really helps staying positive and you don’t feel alone!

This has been my 1st biopsy & LLETZ not had either before, what about you? Xx

Oh wow so you have had a lot more time worrying bless you! :confounded: well I hope your results come back soon for you, it is such a draining time.
Yes I’ve had mixed feelings talking to friends and family because once I’ve kinda spoke about it once with someone I don’t wanna keep bringing it up because I don’t wanna annoy them with it all! :joy: and some family think of it as something that I shouldn’t worry about because I don’t know what the results will be, so in their eyes there is no point worrying, but that doesn’t help :woman_facepalming:t3: so being on here I can find people going through the same thing and speak till I’m blue in the face if I wanted to I guess!
I’ve had a few years of all the abnormal cells and HPV stuff now, I had abnormal cells about 4 years ago, I had punch biopsies a couple of years ago and was cin1 and then last year was left after my colonoscopy to try and see if it would regress and then this year smear came back severe :woman_facepalming:t3: just hope after this LLETZ that all of it will be gone!xxx

@Melissa2 Yeah I’m hoping they come soon, like you I just want to know what the result is! Hopefully your results are clear too and it’s all sorted!! Fingers crossed!

Yes I totally agree, I’m the exact same I’m highly aware if I feel like I’m banging on about something haha overall I suppose this is just a healthy way to process and get your worries out because at least you know we’re all going through it together! The worst thing is to bottle it up! Yeah I also have some family like that but it doesn’t help :joy:you just think you don’t get it xx