Problems after lletz treatment

Hi all, 

i had my lletz treatment on 24th November after being diagnosed with cin3. I had some orangey spunk discharge to start off with but now I'm getting bright red blood and I've had some pain in my HiPs. Is this normal? There is no clotting so it can't be my period which I am overdue with by the way? Is this an infection? Should I be worried? All advice is welcome.

thankx in advance 



 Dear  Im from Malta I had made all the 3 operations cause after a 5 months misscarrege I was diagnose with scean 1 then in a month I became scean 3 and docters here in Malta had made these teast operations  colposcopy , lletz and coneboyopsy  last operation I had made was on 22 Jannuary 2013... After I had made the lletz  I had been true some HiPs pain on the sides  and by time it will go  and until the body get use to changes you maybe have some delay in your period  hope you will be ok... and feeling better  regards Eleanor

hi i had my teetment a week ago and iv been getting hip and back pain i think it must be normal as iv seen a few woman on here say the same thing